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With more than 13 years of experience as a specialist tour operator, Vista Company & Travel Services Private Limited have a long standing reputation for affordable excellence, going that extra mile to make every hour of your holiday count.
Quality not quantity is the way to stay successful in this business
To be committed to supplying quality products and services at competitive prices, keeping always
the customer first.
Why choose Vista?
Well established leading destination Management Company in the country.
Rendering high quality services to clientele & partners since 1993.
Owns and operates two safaris, offering some others.
Experienced in handling over 700 clients in a month.
Supported by experienced, friendly, multi-lingual, dedicated and professional team.
Offer more than 40 resorts in the country.
Over 100 room’s allotments inventory with key resorts in the Country.
Backed by a good portfolio of key operators worldwide.
Sustaining steady growth in both financial and operational perspective.
Participates and / or presence in all major international travel and trade fairs.
Cruise Handling:
When you make a Trip to the Pearls of Indian Ocean (Maldive Island), call us for Port Facility, Customs Clearance, Immigration & Port Health, Security Clearance, etc. Our Friendly staff will reach you on arrival to port of Paradise (Maldives). Our Staff are specialize in arranging Trips to Capital Male’ for Sightseeing, Shopping, etc. We can entertain your guest with Maldivian traditional Music (Boduberu) Onboard. We make sure your cruise get the very best from Maldives while you stop over for Supply or Spare Parts. Why not make a journey to the Paradise of Indian Ocean.
Island Safari Fleet:
The Island Safari fleet specializes in SCUBA diving safaris since from the beginning of Liveaboard operations in 1998, the ultimate way to experience the beautiful underwater scenery that Maldives has to offer. Each cruise is a weeklong trip planned to show guests the best of what Maldives has to offer with a range of beautiful islands and seascapes. It is a fun and enjoyable way to take in the beauty of Maldives for both divers and non-divers.

Island Safari I Deluxe is a custom-built luxury 30-meteryacht inclusive of four Cabins with a double & bunk bed, two Cabins with twin & bunk bed, two Cabins with twin beds. One Honeymoon Suite with a large double bed, bunk bed and a Sofa. Total nine air-conditioned spacious and beautifully designed cabins with en-suit attached toilets with hot & fresh water shower. All rooms are designed with the idea to make visitor’s feel at home on board the Island Safari I, with stylish top of the line fixtures and fittings. The safari is staffed with experienced and well-trained staff that goes the extra mile to keep guests happy.

Island Safari II, the new edition to the fleet naming Island Safari royal is also a custom-built 30-meter luxury yacht with two Junior Suites, one Honeymoon Suite with large double bed and sofa, five Double / Twin bed cabins. A total eight Air-conditioned spacious and beautifully designed Cabins with en-suit attached toilets with Hot and fresh water Shower. In addition, to all the usual facilities available on a dive safari, this vessel has a discotheque for nightly entertainment. A weeklong cruise on Island Safari II Royal and one would wish it wasn’t long enough, that is the quality of service you will receive on this magnificent yacht.

Island Safari is for anybody and everybody. We cater for all levels of board riders and divers from complete newbie’s to experienced pros. All our holidays can be tailored around your specific needs and requirements and we are used to accommodating everyone from large groups to families to single travelers.
We can do just about anything - Come on, test us!
Vista Trade
Vista Trade has built a reputation for providing a first class service coupled with very competitive prices. Supplying a full range of materials required for the growing construction industry, VISTA TRADE has the experience and depth of knowledge to offer suitable, fit for purpose solutions for all customer requirements.

Operating in the Capital of Maldives, our products are suitable for the domestic, industrial, commercial and leisure sectors. VISTA TRADE offers a specific schedule and supply service to both architects and design and building companies. Vista Trade is committed to supplying quality products at competitive prices and aims to always put the customer first.
Strategies, Experience and Quality Service
We provide our services to more than 90% of the resorts in the country. We have been able to provide this unrivalled service by establishing a strong management team, sound finance practices and business philosophy that put the needs of our customers and partners above everything.

At Vista Group of Companies we base our services on four major factors; dedication, experience, passion and quality service.
Our staff and associates comprise some of the region’s greatest people including leading travel
industry professionals. Over the years we have managed to forge respected relationships with the new and the older resorts in the country. We feel this is an extremely important aspect as this is what enables us to suggest resorts that match our client’s needs.
  Quality Service
Our staff at Vista Group is friendly, rofessional and experienced in accommodating both the seasoned and new visitors to the Maldives. Our staff and representatives are on call 24 hours a day, paying close attention to every need of all our esteemed customers and ready to go the extra-mile to make their service from us an unforgettable experience.
Vista Group of Companies
For, Vista Group of Companies, the journey to become one of the success stories in the travel industry began in 1997. There is a level of positive reputability that is associated with a company offering great services for a substantial amount of time and over the years with a strong dedication to providing quality services Vista has earned its place at this level.
Founders are all dedicated and well established tourism experts. Some of us were among the people who led and managed the services of tourists from different nationalities who came from different corners of the globe. Some of us worked as resident managers and senior staff responsible for catering to incentive groups and high end travelers. The beautiful life gained them baskets of knowledge and experience in Maldivian resort industry in early 90’s; of the local culture, of the tourist industry and of customer care. Vista Company & Travel Services provide services to incentive groups and adventure travelers and to the most unique honeymoon and relaxing travelers. We have all been experts for years and we are positive that the services are more and more cost-effective, time-efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable, engaging, educational and enjoyable for our clients.
To our clients and customer, we are and will always do our best to be a customer-oriented travel agent and tour operator. We know that our individual and group tourists may look for an engaging experience, goodunderstanding of the local people, local culture and real local insights. The client may look for the knowledge of the past history; they may also look for the knowledge of what’s going on at their travel destination. The visitor might want to experience the culinary delights of the local cuisine, and may want to get local gifts for their beloved ones after the trip, and they may like some relaxing timeless vacations at the many pristine tranquil beaches. The corporate clients may look for a conference or a meeting or a meaningful holiday to their staff. Vista Company and Travel Services will always do the bests to individualize the care and provide exclusive arrangements for everything.
In 1998, Vista Company & Travel Services became the proud owner of its initial asset in the cruising tourism, a safari vessel naming Island Safari. Today, with the expansion of the fleet to two more editions to the island safari fleet, Island Safari I and Island Safari II, Vista Company & Travel Services have managed to realize and expand the company’s vision to offer many unique ways to experience services in a destination like the Maldives making quality the top priority.
After 11 years in the Tourism Business, in order to diversify and expand we got into General Trading with the name Vista Trade providing the construction materials and timber to the growing real estate and construction industry of Maldives.
Board of Directors
Mr. Moosa Rasheed
Managing Director
Mr. Abdullah Naseer
Director Marketing & Sales
Mr. Ali Ahmed
Director Finance
Mr. Moosa Rasheed, is the Managing Director of the Vista Group of Companies and Chairman of the Board. He has been the Managing Director of the Company since the beginning and remains in charge of the Business Development and operations. Mr. Moosa has an extensive background and experience in Strategic Planning, Restructuring Operations, Export Marketing, International Business Relations, Diversifying, Collaborations and Joint Ventures. Mr. Abdulla Naseer, is the Director Marketing & Sales of Vista Goup. Mr. Naseer is the key person who has developed a firm nderstanding of the complexities of international markets. He is thoroughly familiar with the regulatory and business environment in the international community, specially the European Union, South East Asia, The Middle East, India and other major destinations. Mr. Naseer is the key person who take cares of promotions and sales of the Travel sector. Mr.Ali Ahmed , is the Director Finance of Vista Group. He is well-versed in changing economic and political environment in the international and domestic arena. His extensive knowledge of the world and domestic history has immensely contributed to our business decision making in positive directions. Establishing our new venture “VISTA TRADE” is one of them. Mr. Ali is the key person with overall responsibility for all major operations, Finance and distribution.

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